Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions determine the agreement between user (Customer) and Changer4u Holding Inc. company (Company/ Changer4u.com), regarding to use of exchange service. Individual, who has verified or unverified account  agrees to follow determined Terms and Conditions. This document describes providing services, explains rights and duties of Customer as the access to use services performed by Changer4u.com.

1.   General

1.1. The Customer must carefully read and accept this document before using our services.

1.2. The following terms and conditions are effective for everyone, who uses or planes to use services of Company. These legal terms are written on demand and can be requested by Customer via e-mail.

1.3.This document also includes an Anti-Money Laundering Policy and a Privacy Policy.

1.4. The Customer accepts this Agreement. If Customer didn’t read the Agreement he/she is not released from liability.

2.   Protecting your personal information (Verification)

2.1. Verification is required when the amount of a single order or the total sum of all client's orders is higher than USD 1,000 / EUR 1,000. 

2.2.  Customer has to provide personal information documents which confirm his individuality.

2.3. Customer should provide scanned copy of valid photo ID (passport or government ID) and scanned copy of recent utility bill showing current address of residence to verify account.

2.4. Company does not publish personal information of Customer. Personal information is required for by security system to avoid illegal actions.

2.5.The Customer should never share username and password or any details with anyone.

2.6. All registered Customers agree that their e-mail addresses can be used to send news of Changer4u.com and special promotions. Customer has the right unsubscribe from newsletters anytime and will not receive e-mail in the future.

3.   Products, services and payments

3.1. Changer4u.com performs the services of exchange e-currencies between electronic payment processors.

3.2.Services of Changer4u.com are available only in countries where it is legal and which don’t have any restrictions.

3.3.All exchanges are performed through placing the Order on the Website only.

3.4.Payments cannot be counterfeit or otherwise fraudulent. Company has the right to report about illegal actions to the appropriate authorities.

3.5.Payments from 3rd parties will not be accepted. All detected payments from 3rd parties will be declined and orders will be rejected.

3.6.  Payments to 3rd parties bank accounts will not be sent. All detected payments to 3rd parties bank accounts will be declined and orders will be rejected.

3.7. There is no charge to create account on Changer4u.com.

3.8. All indicated prices are final prices.

3.9. Exchange rates, the payment system fee and a commission of the service are shown in our website.

3.10. Fees for receiving payments, if they are applied in any electronic payment system, are not included.

3.11.  Payment should be paid with the exact amount specified in the Customer’s order.

3.12.   All unpaid orders will apply pending status and will be deleted if Customer did not paid during 24 hours.

3.13.  If the Customer places a wrong order (wrong wallet, country restricted, wrong e-mail, non-existent e-currency account or other conditions) to Changer4u.com and Changer4u.com approves this order, but the order is pending for longer than 3 months, Changer4u.com has the right to cancel this order and withhold the money.

4.   Transactions and operations

4.1. The Customer should provide valid and accurate information needed to process and complete payment transactions.

4.2.  Changer4u.com is not responsible for any loss or damage, resulting from a delay in bank transactions or electronic money transfers of the Customer, if the day of sending or the days after sending are not business days in the country of Company.

4.3. Changer4u.com is not responsible for any damage occurring in connection with technical maintenance. 

4.4. Changer4u.com is not responsible for any interruptions during the sending or receiving funds (including correspondent bank delays, our or our client bank delays, third parties and institutions delays and other).

4.5.The Customer has to provide real personal details when placing orders with credit/debit cards. Full name has to be indicated as it is given in the national ID card/international passport, otherwise funds may not reach the recipient's card.

5.   Termination and Refunds

5.1.Changer4you.com may terminate performing of the service or send a refund immediately if:

5.1.1.  The purpose of payment transactions and the source of funds used for payment transactions are restricted or prohibited by applicable anti-money laundering policy.

5.1.2.  Funds were sent under the different name which does not match Customer's name.

5.1.3.  Client is trying to send funds to 3rd account.

5.1.4.  3rd party payment was accomplished. For example, someone else sent wire transfer or money transfer to Customer's payment account.

5.1.5.  The purpose of payment is not clear.

5.2. Changer4you.com can refund Customer's funds without mentioning the reason.

5.3. Changer4you.com reserves the right to refuse supplying the service if Customer refuses to provide required verification documents, or verification of the Customer's identity is not completed.

6.   Support

6.1.Support Center is responsible for:

6.1.1.  Customers’ accounts activation and verification.

6.1.2.  Providing necessary information about registration, verification, order placement and questions concerning the services of Changer4u.com

6.1.3.  Order processing.

6.2. Support Center is not responsible for:

6.2.1.  Sharing personal or any other information of other customers of the service.

6.2.2.  Registering customer accounts on customer’s demand in changer4u.com system.

6.2.3.  Advising customers on the work of other services.

6.3.How to ask a question:

6.3.1.  Before contacting support team please make sure that you have checked all available information in F.A.Q. section.

6.3.2.  Please think through your question. Shallow questions will receive shallow answers.

6.3.3.  Ask serious and profound questions. Be ready to describe your problem in details.

7.   Privacy Policy

7.1. Changer4u.com guarantees and ensures the confidentiality of Customer's information and operations performed by Customer.

7.2. Changer4u.com collects basic contact information when Customer subscribes to a newsletter. This information will be used for administrative and identification purposes only and will not be shared with our partners or 3rd parties. Personal information is stored on our servers and is only accessed by authorized Exchanger personnel.

7.3. Our primary purpose in collecting personal information is to provide you with an excellent user experience. We also use the personal information to meet our technical and legal responsibilities. We will not intentionally collect unnecessary information, to limit risk of breach to you. To process your payments via the Services, we may need to share some of your personal information with the person or company that you are paying or is paying you.