Paysera EUR to Payeer USD exchange - The fastest way

From now the transfers of PaySera are processed on AUTOMATIC MODE. All physical persons of PaySera payment system should be verified at least on the 3rd level of verification. The legal persons should contact our support for the transfers from PaySera.

3 %

Min fee (-)


Why use to transfer Paysera to Payeer

The fastest option - We have developed our own system for exchange instead of relaying on third parties, making our transfers the fastest
Recognized by Paysera and Payeer - We are official partners
Client support - Our clients refer to our live chat agents as patient, supportive, and informative
Only 3% fee - We believe that is unfair fo exchangers to charge high fees since the service costs are relatively low
We work 24/7
Experience - We started operating in 2016 and have made over 17000 succesfull transactions

Exchange Paysera (EUR) to Payeer (USD) with these easy steps

  1. Enter the Paysera amount you want to exchange
  2. The total USD you will receive is shown under Payeer
  3. Click on "Exchange"
  4. Sign in to your account or create a new account using your email address, Facebook, Google or VK
  5. Enter your Paysera account number (e.g.
  6. Enter your Payeer account number (e.g. P12312312)
  7. By clicking the button "Continue" you will be redirected to the payment confirmation screen. Kindly, login to your Paysera account and confirm the payment.
  8. You will receive USD in your Payeer account in a few minutes.


What do I need to exchange money from Paysera to Payeer?

The sender must have an active Paysera account with available funds.

The recipient must have an active Payeer account.

When will I receive USD in the Payeer account?

The transfer from Paysera to Payeer is in automatic mode and takes few minutes.

How to create an order Paysera to Payeer?

You can start creating an order at the top of this page. The list of steps is under ''Exchange Paysera to Payeer with these easy steps''.

In which countries is this service available?

This service is available in all countries that are not restricted. 

What is the maximum amount I can exchange from Paysera to Payeer?

The maximum amount you can transfer is our current reserve. If you need more - click on "Need more?" button, enter required amount and create request or contact our support team.

What happens if we are not able complete the exchange?

We will contact you via the email address you provided or you can also contact our support team.

Why would you exchange Paysera to Payeer with us?

It is an easy, inexpensive, secure and the fastest way of exchanging.