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2023-08-17 11:31:46

Верификация карты через advcash.com

Credit/Debit Card Payment Flow via the Advcash SCI


1.     The merchant website offers the user to choose from a range of Advcash-powered payment methods by displaying the method selection page of the Advcash SCI tool (shopping cart interface).


2.   Upon selecting the credit/debit card option and clicking Go to Payment, the user is prompted to enter their credit or debit card details.

3.  After the user clicks Pay, the system analyzes the card using the details provided.

If the card has been previously verified during an Advcash-powered merchant payment or Advcash wallet deposit, the payment completes automatically, all steps listed below are skipped, and no further actions are required.

If the card has never been used and verified for an Advcash payment, the verification flow begins.

The email field appears in the same window. The user enters their email, and depending on whether an Advcash account with this email exists or not, the user is prompted to enter their full name so that an Advcash account is created for them automatically, or, if the account does exist, an email with verification request details and link is sent to the address provided.

4. At the next step, the system waits for debit confirmation from the card acquiring service. The ‘The payment has not arrived yet’ message is displayed until the funds are debited from the card and the debit confirmation is received.

As soon as the amount is debited and the user clicks Refresh, they are redirected to the payment verification page.

The system also checks for debit confirmation in the background. If it is received sooner than the user clicks Refresh, the user is redirected to the next step automatically.

5.  Payment verification flow can vary depending on user verification status in Advcash. But you will need to log/register  in to advcash.com with your above submited e-mail.

If they do have a verified account, they will only need to upload a photo of the front side of the card, as well as a selfie with this card.