Changer4u presents discount program for our customer’s transactions, which means that customer can get discount ratio of his transaction fees depending on amount of completed transactions. With increased amount of transaction will be applied increased discount. The transaction discount is calculated on a basis of our transaction fees which will let you save more fees in your future transaction.

Please note that you do not receive a discount immediately after registering on our site. Your account should reach the bronze level. Once your account reaches the bronze level, our system will automatically calculate the final amount that we have to pay.

There are 4 levels of account now. The higher your account level is, the more discounts you will get when you use our service. Once your account reached required amount of transactions, your account will be upgraded to higher level automatically. That means, with next transaction you will get discount of new level.



Discount will be applied if amount will exceed our minimum fee (min fee). For example, min fee is $15 and the fee of excahnge is 0%. According to the previous term if the sending amount is $16, the receiving amount be $1. Discount will be applied if sending amount is 1000 and the fee of exchange is 4% but min fee is $5. In this case the discount will be applied because our profit exceeds min fee. The discount depends on your level.

When you make an order, our system automatically calculates the discount you get and the final cost you need to pay.

We reserve the rights to modify the discounts policy at any time.